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Rank Point Power
Unskilled 0 1d2
Beginner 1-2 1d6
Novice 3-4 1d6
Apprentice 5-6 1d8
Journeyman 7-9 1d8
Master 10 1d10

Types of Magic

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Black
  • White

When casting a spell, you choose how it will or at least try to effect the environment.
Example “I use air magic to help me jump up to that ledge.”
Depending on the rank of air magic that person has that determines the power behind it. lets say he is a Novice, its power is 1d6 and he adds his Spirit of 2 so he can jump an additional 1d6+2 spaces.

Any and all spells cost 1 Mp and 1 Mp to sustain


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